Director, Bob Paterson, with over 50 years of specialised experience in the construction industry, he maintains a distinguished resume of successful projects and satisfied clients.  Bob’s experience of working with rainscreen, cladding and roofing systems is well known in the industry.  Most importantly, his personal commitment is to help ensure that all projects are completed within a timescale, budget, and with unsurpassed quality. Bob is also well known within the industry for his expertise in resolving problems and supplying the labour to complete contracts.



Director, Marie Paterson.  Marie  has over 20 years experience of dealing with the clerical and administration side of the company’s business, and is a key element in our success to date. She strives to ensure that all communication channels between the company, clients and contractors run smoothly.




Supervisor, Jon.  Jon has over 10 years experience working with rain screen cladding on several significant contracts.  He has taken up supervisor duties with us and has the responsibility for looking after the day-to-day site management as well as utilising his experience with hands-on instalation of rain screen cladding on the sites when required.


Manager, Willie Burns.  Willie has a wealth of project management experience and is responsible for administration and compliance, ensuring that all paper work and appropriate certification is up to date for each contract.